The 30th of June marked the last day of Pride Month and what a fabulous month it was! 

Allambi celebrated and recognised the community by flying the Pride flag on the newly established flagpole which is positioned in the middle of the roundabout at the Allambi Care Head Office in Charlestown.

For those of you who do not know….Pride month is celebrated around the world and is recognised as a time to reflect on the history of the LGBTQI+ movement across the globe and to recognise the unique contribution that members of the community bring to the world. 

Pride month is intentionally celebrated in June to commemorate the Stonewall Riots of 1968, which saw members of the community protest and rebel against the abuse suffered by them at the hands of police, and the systemic and societal discrimination and exclusion they experienced. 

A year later the first pride marches occurred. 

In 1978 Sydney saw 2,000 people parade through the city streets in the countries' first Pride march. Today, Mardi Gras (which is held in March) draws more than 350,000 participants and generates more than 30 million dollars for NSW. 

In the spirit of celebrating the contributions of community members, here is one you may not be aware of:

Allan Turing was a gay man and mathematician who led the British team that cracked the enigma code which was used by the German high command to send messages to its navy in World War ll. Allan’s brilliance gave the allied forces a great advantage and many say it shortened the war by two years. 

Allan’s ‘Bombe’ machine is considered an early version of the modern computer and Turing was awarded the Order of the British Empire.