On the 17th September, we were presented with an amazing artwork, designed and created by Saretta Fielding, an internationally award-winning Aboriginal artist of the Wonaruah Nation.

Before the unfolding of Terambamba Woka, Saretta took us on a journey to help us understand the artwork design and how each element has a strong and significant meaning.

Terambamba Woka – Rising Above_resize

Terambamba Woka - Rising Above, shares the story of Allambi Care, celebrating our community, the journey of reconciliation and the spirit of the Allambi Care family. 

Central to the artwork we see the traditional interpretation of the Allambi Care logo. This circle of courage, inspires hope and belief in a positive future for everyone, through the restorative journey of belonging, mastery, independence and generosity. 

The logo imagery sits upon a yellow growing gathering circle, depicting the Allambi family embracing all communities, highlighting what we can achieve together and the empowerment of people to reach their potential. 

The eagle totem of local tribal groups soars across the top of the artwork imagery. A symbol of protection, safety, empowerment and nurturing, representing families going forward and rising up as they are inspired and supported towards a hope-filled future.

Four meeting circles encompass the central imagery, each made up of three earth coloured rings. These rings are symbolic of the three key focus areas of reconciliation being Respect, Relationship and Opportunities and Allambi’s threefold vision for Belonging, Hope and Positive Futures. 

The four meeting circles represent the four Aboriginal tribal groups across Allambi Care's footprint on the country being Awabakal, Worimi, Wonnarua and Darkinjung. People symbols engraved with totem prints within each circle reflects all Aboriginal clan groups and relates to respectful partnerships and working together towards a shared vision for the wellbeing of every person.

The artwork sits upon a backdrop of songlines connecting to the country, as the flow portrays the people of the valley and plains of our region. The pathway of water rising up vertically across the canvas illustrates our people from fresh to saltwater and highlights country representing Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, East Coast, Central Coast Lakes Way and the Hunter River. 

This ongoing pathway also represents the journey of going forward and enables individuals and families to rise up to their potential through Allambi Care.