Allambi Care's Sexuality and Gender Inclusivity and Diversity Committee has been working with the IT and Executive teams, to create the newest version of the Allambi Care email signature. This signature version contains an image of the Progressive Pride Flag alongside of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags. It also provides Allambi Care staff with the option of including their pronouns next to their name.

We wanted to take the opportunity as an organisation to share our rationale behind these latest developments.

The most recent research continues to indicate that: young people who identify as LGBTQI+ experience significantly higher rates of psychological distress, poor mental health, self-harm, suicide ideation, and attempts of suicide, compared to that of the general population and these factors are directly related to their experiences of stigma, discrimination, inadequate support, and isolation.

We know that visibility saves lives, it signals to young people that we support them, and it sparks important conversations so that we can all continue to grow and learn.

By having the Progressive Pride Flag in our signature, we are letting everyone know that we support LGBTQI+ young people and we are striving to improve their reality.

For a lot of us, worrying about people using our correct pronouns is not something we have to do. For others it is a constant worry and not using the correct pronouns (or misgendering), can have serious implications and may involve young people feeling invalidated and disrespected.

When we take the lead in sharing our own pronouns, it reduces the stigma associated with talking about how others should refer to us and it allows LGBTQI+ young people to feel safe sharing their pronouns with you. 

If you or anyone you know is struggling with mental health please reach out. You are not alone. Support is available, call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Text 0477 13 11 14​.