Charlee is a wonderful young mother who lacked confidence in herself and her ability to parent her baby after leaving a life threatening domestic violence relationship. Charlee’s beautiful little girl sadly ended up in care.

Charlee was referred to Allambi’s Secure Connections program to assist her in gaining the skills and confidence she needed to care for and parent her little bub. Secure Connections focuses on providing support to young parents in taking care of their own health and wellbeing while adjusting to parenthood. Secure Connections practice from a strength-based attachment and trauma informed framework. The work is informed by cutting edge research of leading international professionals.

When Charlee first started attending Secure Connections she expressed that she wanted more then anything in this world for her baby to come home to her, but that she held very little hope that her daughter would ever be restored to her care. The team encouraged Charlee to never give up and to hold on to her dream of being reunified with her daughter in the future.

Charlee allowed the team into her life and trusted them to work alongside her, teaching and coaching her in the skills she needed to care for her baby and become the parent she wanted to be. Charlee learned to be a happy, confident, independent woman who could keep herself and her child safe.

Charlee diligently attended the program each week and with support of the team (the Secure Connections team as well as her baby’s foster carer) she continued to meet all the requirements for restoration.

In October 2023, Charlee’s little girl was restored to her care under a supervision order. Charlee will officially regain parental responsibility for her daughter in October 2024. Charlee is an incredibility inspiring and courageous young woman, who has a wonderful future ahead of her. 

“What I am most proud of is the loving and secure attachment relationship she has formed with her daughter and the amazing young parent that she has become.”

Sunet Rossouw, Manager for Client and Family Specialist 441149817_18301501012154080_5081371084481436546_n