This week is International Child & Youth Care Week and the theme is ‘Making Meaningful Moments’. 

In the forefront of all our thinkings and our approach is making moments meaningful with children, youth, families and others. Has there ever been a greater need for meaningful moments than during the is unique times?

Moments when someone simply feels significant and valued moments in which we connect with others and each of us feel less aligned, more connected in belonging and less isolated than circumstances might dictate.

"It was one of those moments" is often a phrase we hear from our youth workers and social workers in this simple phrase we acknowledge how a moment can be significant and can be the prelude to other important moments.

We recognize the power of a moment. So how can you make an everyday life event meaningful for a young person? We challenge you to make what might otherwise be an ordinary or fleeting moment for a family more meaningful. Will you look back and say it was one of those moments. 

To see how Allambi has made meaningful moments, watch the video above.