Our first two years in Victoria have just flown by, although it might seem a bit late, we’d like to introduce ourselves and say Hello.

We are Allambi Care. We started in 1981, when a group of locals noticed a number of kids in the Hunter region of NSW were at crisis point and decided to open a kids refuge. From day one we have not followed the traditional path, but have pioneered new ways of caring for children.

Although we may be the new kid on the block we bring new ideas on how to do things.

Over the past two years we have been building on the solid foundations and principles that Allambi Care was established on more than 40 years ago in the Hunter. We are growing a team of passionate Youth Workers and support staff to ensure the Allambi Care model is available to young people in need in Victoria.

To us that model of care is about creating a genuine connection, that has a real impact on a young persons’ life. We do this by building genuine relationships and trust, and having our staff trained to view things through a trauma informed lens.

We currently have Residential facilities in the Gippsland region and South Melbourne, and plan to expand our Foster Care links to ensure the best outcome possible for the young people in our care.

We look forward to continuing to expand our Victoria services and providing innovative pathways and opportunities for the young people and families we work with.

Find out more about working for Allambi Care in Victoria here