Simon Walsh, CEO Allambi Care


I just wanted to take the opportunity to reach out.
There's been some really impressive lessons learnt over the last few months, through these challenging times. Probably the most important to me is how we stay connected with one another, and the importance of that, and the impact that that's had on people's lives.

I've personally been lifted by how my team have reached out, how they've made sure that they're looking out for one another. I've received many emails, where people are demonstrating their care for the community and developing some really good initiatives.

I think it's a really important time to thank those people as well as remind ourselves to remain vigilant, keeping each other safe by making sure we're remembering all those rules that health are putting out to us.

Our thoughts and concerns are with those, particularly in Victoria at the moment, and I ask if there's anybody at all, you know in need, please remember Allambi is here for you, so reach out and make a phone call. There are many services just like ours ready to lend a hand.

Please stay safe and continue to connect with and look out for each other.