Simon Walsh, CEO Allambi Care

I wanted to touch base and share the great position that we're in as an organisation and that’s primarily for two reasons.

 Number one is our frontline staff, the whole way along they have done such a fantastic job of being there for our kids and for the people that we serve. Their approach is phenomenal, the care they have shown is just outstanding and I want to say thank you.  

 Secondly is our emergency team, they have worked tirelessly, throughout this whole process to make sure that we, as an organisation are well thought through in regards to how we're approaching things, how we keep our priorities in place for the people that we're serving. Every one of you has pulled together and done an exceptional job and thank you for the place we are in now. 

 I think it's important that we acknowledge all of our care workers and those people in our local area. 

Our government have provided us with a stable place to plan from. I acknowledged the work they've done and the leadership they’ve shown throughout this whole time for us as an organisation to be able to pull together, to plan and to be so nimble on our feet. 

 Our international partners, the many people that do child and youth care, and disability support services all across the world. Our thoughts are with you guys, we know what you do is so important and crucial at this time. Some of you are facing many more challenges than we have here.

We want you to know that your international community are with you. We're all thinking of you and the work that you do. 

 The message that I want to send to you all is: Don't let up our care for each other. Throughout this whole time what's lifted me and lifted others is the fact that we've reached out to each other.

Take the time to make a phone call to someone, reach out to someone in need, make a meal for somebody. It's the small things, that are so heartfelt. It has lifted each of us in regards to making sure that we’ve gotten through in some incredibly challenging times. 

Thank you to each of you, as an organisation, we're in the best place we possibly could be, and it's all because of you. I'd like to acknowledge that today and thank you.

 I look forward to the next couple of months and to continue providing the best care possible to everyone we serve.