What is your name and job title?

I'm Kelly Goodchild and I'm the Director of Outreach Programs at Allambi. My favourite part of that is getting to work with families in the community.

How did you fend off cabin fever during isolation?

I love to go to Crossfit and I have a whole bunch of people that I do that with which is awesome, and they've definitely kept us motivated, as that community does, during this time.

I do a lot of cooking. I love food and experimenting, much to my family's dismay when it doesn't pan out.

And definitely love to go on a bit of a bush walk with the kids. Glenrock is definitely one of our most favourite places that's local for us.

What is the best part about working from home?

The best part about working from home has been getting to see my kids more and getting to do the fun part of parenting, like homework and riding bikes out the front. I think I got to see my youngest ride their bike for the first time ever because I was working from home.

Initially, I started in the garage, because that was the only room I could section off, and we tried to keep it separate from the house, but unfortunately this lasted longer than planned and it got really cold out there, so my wonderful husband set me up in his dungeon room downstairs. As you can see behind me, prior to children, we had a bit of a DVD fetish. There's probably over a thousand there that I'll probably never watch again!


What is the most challenging part of working from home?

The most challenging aspect to working from home for me has been the confusion I think it's created for my family.

I don't like it when my children say, 'can you hop off the phone, mum? or  'when are you going to come out and play?'

They don't understand the difference between working and home when it's all mashed together.


What has the experience taught you about the Allambi Care team?

That they are one helluva creative bunch.

I think that they've been absolutely incredible in changing the way
that we support people, families, children.

They have been able to move from face-to-face to virtual and back to face-to-face again.

We have been able to offer different training sessions and supports seamlessly.

"You'd think that the organisation would crumble under the pressure, but it hasn't. They've definitely risen to the challenge.They've been incredible."