Between 11th and 14th July, Ben Jones represented Allambi Care at the Association of Children’s Residential and Community Services annual conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

Our Learning and Development Manager presented on his experiences with Allambi Care to international experts and staff from across the world. 

An area of focus is Workforce Development: highlight hiring, training, supporting, and retaining quality staff who are critical to quality in the milieu, in the organisation, and to create positive impact and outcomes in the lives of children and families.

Ben delivered a presentation as a guest lecturer on the topic of: ‘Enhancing the Competence and Confidence of Valued Staff.’ 

Ben sought this as an opportunity to highlight and recognise the incredible work the Allambi team have done around the Allambi Care learning pathway, encompassing probationary learning, nationally-recognised Diploma qualifications and the Bachelor of Human Services Program. 

Ben says he is incredibly proud of the pathways and career opportunities Allambi Care provide staff, with the focus on developing ‘careers’ and not just ‘jobs’ for people. This has enabled Allambi to develop a pathway that has had profound outcomes for Allambi Care, the sector and importantly, the vulnerable people we support.

Ben would love to empower Allambi Care by receiving recognition for its innovation and dynamic approach to staff training and recruitment. 

"This opportunity to present to a platform of best practice will enable our work as a team to be showcased and recognised on a huge scale," Ben said.

Ben spoke of how the process not only supports Allambi, but also can highlight and influence other programs and services within the sector who may be enlightened and motivated to embark on a similar journey of placing great emphasis on staff training, support, retention, and outcomes.

“The increased training needs for staff supporting many of the most vulnerable people in society is a growing universal need. Allambi Care believe training should never be a ‘tick the box’ solution and should focus on enhancing outcomes for the individual, staff, and organisation.'

"Under-skilled staff and high turnover rates result in significant impacts on an organisation’s ability to provide quality outcomes. This has an even greater impact on an individual’s experience in care, when continuity of care and relationships are touted as a core focus of those in front line caring roles," Ben said.

The experience of many quality carers is often voiced as ‘accidentally’ falling into the care field. Allambi have focused on helping these individuals identify that this is a purposeful calling: assisting staff to identify this opportunity as a career, not a short-term job. 

Feedback gathered through Allambi Care’s processes highlight that access to learning and development is a major factor when deciding to stay or leave. Ben identifies this step is often the key difference between ‘work’ and a meaningful and rewarding career.

Find out more about a career with Allambi Care.

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