Allambi Care has provided in-house wrap-around Clinical support for children and young people as part of our model of care, striving for access to a multi-disciplinary team to support best outcomes for those in our care. Allambi identified a need within the wider community to offer high quality psychological, behaviour support services and allied health services. The result of this was TracksHealth.

Opening its doors in April 2023 – TracksHealth is a clinical services provider offering services to children, adolescents, and adults, through a client-centred approach that factors in, in-depth assessment, individualised intervention plans and evidence-informed practices.

The name TracksHealth was chosen to convey the sense of a personal health journey. “We believe in supporting young people and their families by walking alongside them on their health journey and meeting them where they are at. Our logo was designed to represent a close-up view of walking tracks and pathways through a topographic map style. The topographic map is reminiscent of indigenous painting styles.” Dr Paul Baker, Director – Clinical Services.

In a short period of time, the TracksHealth team have had significant impact on the local community – assisting a number of young people and their families, many of which had been on waitlists with other services for extended periods of time, with accessing clinical services. TracksHealth clinicians have been able to advocate for and provide psycho-education to a number of families around accessing further support for their child and young person, particularly regarding NDIS supports.

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 2.15.41 pmIMPACT IN ACTION

TracksHealth has been working with a 14 year old and her full-time carer. The team consists of the Foster Carer, the management team, Behaviour Specialist, Psychologist and Speech Therapist. Through regular communication, targeted planning and intervention, the team implemented a person-centred approach to wrap around and meet the current needs of the young person and the Foster Carer. The strength of the multidisciplinary team is that the language, interventions, and support is all consistent whilst still having enough flexibility for the individual clinician to work within their style and scope.

Through ongoing work, and the amazing implementation and support of the Foster Carer, this young person is thriving, developing independent life skills, as well as executive functioning skills, attending school full-time, nurturing strong social connections, and considering future ambitions.

Consistency is what allows the young person to not only be set up to succeed, but also transpose the skills to everyday life. When challenges arise, the team can respond in a targeted, measured way by leaning on each other to provide the most effective care to both the young person and the Foster Carer. The beauty of a multidisciplinary team is that it builds the foundations at each stage that the individual needs, allowing them to feel more confident within themselves, feel safe within the process and ultimately continue their journey to living a healthy and high-quality life.

To find out more about Tracks Health visit: https://trackshealth.com.au/